Vasa Pathway Groomer

Vasa Groomer Duties & Responsibilities

TART Trails is looking for someone to join the Vasa Grooming Crew for the 2020-2021 winter season, which extends from December 1- March 31. The job requires very early morning hours working outdoors on a small team whose goal is to provide world-class cross-country skiing conditions on the Vasa Pathway. Some knowledge of the Vasa Pathway trail network and some experience with snowmobiles or operating heavy equipment is required.

Job responsibilities include but are not limited to:


  • Get Vasa Pathway ready for grooming
    • Remove downed trees
    • Push debris behind tree line
    • Trim all overhanging branches
  • Ensure all grooming equipment is in good operating order and arrange for any required repairs before first groom

Grooming Season

  • Contribute ideas, suggestions for grooming equipment based on conditions
  • Record hours for grooming and trail maintenance performed
  • Report to Head Groomer by 7:30 a.m. result of groom
  • Attend annual training sessions scheduled
  • Be on time to scheduled groom and ensure barn and equipment are left secured and in good working order for the next crew
  • Immediately alert Head Groomer of any unusual trail conditions, equipment/maintenance issues
  • Provide Head Groomer with information needed for Grooming Report and Ski Condition Reports

Post Season

  • Attend season wrap-up
  • Provide head groomer with any suggestions for improved techniques, equipment needs, maintenance suggestions


  • Groomers are paid $12/hour while grooming with opportunities to rise up the pay scale
  • Note: This is part time, seasonal work that requires passion for the job and a community minded approach to grooming

To apply, please email Brian Beauchamp