FAQs for Boardman Lake Loop

Who owns the trail?

The Boardman Lake Trail is owned by the City of Traverse City in partnership with Grand Traverse County and Garfield Township. TART Trails works with the City, County and Township to support the development and maintenance of the Boardman Lake Trail.

How will the Loop be maintained?

As part of the funding and development plan, an $800,000 maintenance endowment was created to ensure there is a long-term source of funds for the maintenance of the entire Loop including snow removal. The City, County, Township and TART Trails developed a maintenance agreement to ensure the entire Loop is well cared for and preventative care is taken to extend the life of the trail.

What are the next steps to complete the loop?

Currently, TART Trails and partners are hard at work to see the trail completed in 2020. We recently revised the project budget and are working to close an estimated funding gap of $1.1 M. To cover this gap, the City of Traverse City is requesting additional Brownfield Authority funding with support from Grand Traverse County. TART Trails is pursuing additional private funding with commitments needed by early March. Please help us today to Complete the Loop! To learn more about the fundraising campaign, please contact Casey Ressl, Development Director, for details.

What is the budget for the final leg of the trail?

The estimated cost for engineering, construction and maintenance is $5.52 million. This figure includes $800,000 for a maintenance endowment and 10% contingency. This cost estimate will be updated once a construction contract is finalized.

In cooperation with the City of Traverse City, Garfield Township and Grand Traverse County, partners have raised 90% of the funding to date. Public funds include $3.2 million from the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and Garfield Township provided $800,000 for loop maintenance.

Are there plans to extend the trail further south?

While plans for the Loop proceed, plans for a spur along Cass to South Airport are on hold. Fortunately, this minor setback will not impact plans to complete the loop and the project team is looking at alternatives for a connector trail to the south. Michigan DOT approved a grant extension to ensure funding options remain open as we reconsider the location of a connection further south.

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