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Despite the best efforts of City staff­, snow removal contractors, local merchants, and property owners, some sidewalks throughout downtown become thick with snowpack and/or icy conditions during the winter. These “trouble-spots” make walking impassable, dangerous or, at best, less desirable.

To make Downtown sidewalks more safe, accessible, and walkable throughout the winter, the DDA is partnering with TART Trails and NORTE to establish the “Downtown Snow Angels” – a team of enthusiastic volunteers who provide on-call snow removal service.
The Angels are not meant to clear Downtown every time it snows. Instead, volunteers would work to clear those pesky sidewalk trouble-spots (e.g., the corner of a block, a crosswalk) when called upon—working to take the existing B+ snow removal effort to an A.

Learn more about the program here and to sign up to volunteer, simply text “WINGSTC” to 231.622.6171 or contact Kate Lewis at

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