Grand Traverse Edible Trails

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Project description from Americorps Vista Jonathan Aylward:

Support Free Public Perennial Food in Grand Traverse!

Help our community plant some of the first public food forests in Michigan. In the near future you will be able to freely enjoy wild blueberries, wild plums, currants, American persimmons, apples, saskatoons, and much more as you hike or bike along the Leelanau Trail. The  food forests are located along the trail about 2 miles northwest of Traverse City, at the Leelanau Conservancy’s DeYoung Farm and Natural Area, and across from the Orchard Creek apartments next to Realeyes Homestead.

Reimagining public spaces, reconnecting with our food source, and healing our ecosystem.

What good are our shared landscapes if they are not either supporting people or supporting a healthy ecosystem? These edible landscapes will do both!

The site designs emphasize edible native perennial plants that benefit our region’s native flora and fauna. Plants will be labeled, providing ongoing educational opportunities for trail users. Lots of kids grow up thinking that their food comes from the grocery store. When you look at our public landscapes, full of grass and a few types of trees, it’s no wonder.

Call for donations: If you would like to donate it to the projec,t, please contact Thank you!