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TART Trails is excited to support the Ironman 70.3 Traverse City by hosting the Run Aid Station #4 along the Boardman Lake Trail! In return for recruiting our trusty TARTan volunteers, Ironman will donate back to TART Trails. But we need your help for this win-win to work! Shifts are just a few hours and right on the Boardman Lake Trail. To sign up, click on the button below and scroll down to the Run Aid Station #4 section to select a shift. 


In other Ironman news, we are super stoked to have our very own athlete, Fern Spence, in the competition for IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City! Fern will be representing TART Trails in Traverse City Tourism’s Charity Challenge, where athletes help raise funds and bring awareness to local nonprofit organizations while training and on race day. Help us cheer Fern on as she prepares for the big event! Check out Fern’s story, her love of trails and how you can sponsor her remarkable feat here.

“Every day or every other day, I’m either swimming in West Bay, biking at least 2 hours, or running between 2.5-8mi. Most days I try to bike with a short 2mi run afterward. Today I ran 7.7mi ending with a cold soak in the bay. I saw some cool young Orioles chasing each other on the TART this am. Today’s run was special. I dedicated it to my neighbor Amy Calder. There’s a bench honoring her along the TART. I wanted to run 8-9 miles today and thought it would be cool to run to Amy’s bench and back. I like to dedicate runs (or miles) to special people because it pushes me to reach a goal. I’m having a great time preparing for Ironman!” – Fern Spence

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