TART Trails relies on the generous contributions of individuals, families, businesses, and local organizations. Your contributions enable TART to continue to make our community more distinctive and livable.

Donate today and help TART enrich the Traverse region by providing a network of trails, bikeways and pedestrian ways; and encouraging their use. Any donation to TART Trails can be in honor or in memory of a friend, loved one, or organization. For a more lasting memorial, please consider sponsoring a bench or mile marker on the trail.

Recurring Donations are a convenient way to disburse your gift over time and provide ongoing support for the trails.

Feed the Pipe! There are fee pipes at the 4th St. trailhead and Cherry Bend trailhead on the Leelanau Trail, and the Vasa Pathway trailhead.

Stock Transfer Option: Giving gifts of appreciated securities is a great way to support TART Trails while also saving on your tax bill. Call us today for instructions on how to make a gift of stock or mutual fund shares. Contact the TART Trails office at info@traversetrails.org, 231.941.4300.

For anyone over the age of 70 ½, making a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from their IRA provides a way to make a tax and penalty free donation. The funds must go directly from the IRA to the charity. Contact the TART Trails office to learn more at info@traversetrails.org, 231.941.4300.

Another option to minimize taxes when making a charitable contribution is to bundle your charitable gifts with the use of a Donor Advised Fund. By opening a fund, you receive a charitable deduction, and have the option of gifting from that fund whenever you want. This not only allows you to take advantage of itemizing your taxes, but it also organizes and simplifies your charitable giving. Contact the TART Trails office to learn more at info@traversetrails.org, 231.941.4300.