Smart Commute TC is a program that promotes the use of alternative forms of transportation. We collaborate with local businesses, governments and non-profit organizations to develop multi-modal infrastructure for active and healthy lifestyles. Collectively we strive to educate the community through workshops and special events and encourage smart commuting year round.

Smart Commute Week

Smart Commute Week is an annual celebration held during the first full week of June. The week consists of events promoting cycling, walking, taking the bus and carpooling. Free daily breakfasts are hosted at various locations around town for smart commuters. Every year community members challenge each other to a friendly competition known as the Smart Commute Challenge. Register your team and rack up points to win prizes with every smart commute trip you make.

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Smart Commute Week Challenge

The Challenge is a fun and friendly competition among local smart commuters that occurs during Smart Commute Week every year. It is open to the public and totally free to participate.

Here’s how it works:

1.) Form a Team. Rally your family, friends, classmates and co-workers…or compete solo. No team size restrictions. No age restrictions. Experts and beginners…all are encouraged to join in the fun. Any individual who might normally drive a single passenger vehicle to and from their destination, but instead uses an alternative form of transportation is qualified to participate.

2.) Assign a Team Captain. Team captains will need to register their team online and are responsible for keeping track of their team points and logging scores online daily. Team captains are invited to a luncheon where they’ll receive challenge information and materials to help motivate and guide their team.

3.) Get Points. Ride your bike, walk, take the bus, carpool. Turn in scores daily to team captains. Go to daily breakfasts and other sponsored events to rack up even more points. Share your smart commute stories on TART Trails’ Facebook #SmartCommuteTC. Be present at the final awards ceremony breakfast to claim prizes.

4.) Have Fun and Happy Smart Commuting!

Smart Commute TC Resources

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