Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail

The Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail (TC-CHX Trail) has an ambitious goal to connect two regional trail networks that link the communities of Traverse City, Acme, Elk Rapids, Eastport, Norwood and Charlevoix.  This requires piecing

Buffalo Ridge Trail Project

Buffalo Ridge Trail Project The Buffalo Ridge Trail is a proposed 4.5-mile trail that connects the west and southwest areas of Traverse City. Buffalo Ridge Trail is currently an almost 1.5 mile trail connecting The

Vasa Skills Loop Project

Vasa Skills Loop Project The Vasa Skills Building Loop is designed specifically for kids and adults new to mountain biking to hone their skills, while still hopefully staying upright. Two one-mile, single-track loops have been

TART Reconstruct

TART Reconstruct Nearly thirty years after construction in 1990, portions of the TART are now in need of significant upgrades and replacement. TART Trails is working on a phased approach to trail repair and replacement. As part

Boardman Lake Loop Project

Community partners have completed 3.5 miles of the Boardman Lake Loop Trail, providing trail users with a special opportunity to enjoy a wooded trail perfect for walking, running, bicycling and relaxation. In partnership with Garfield

Three Mile Trail Project

The first phase of the Three Mile Trail opened in 2006. The 2-mile long trail goes along Three Mile Road from the State Park beach on US 31 to South Airport Road. The trail was

Boardman River Trail Project

The first section of the Boardman River Trail is complete and provides 7 miles of newly constructed single-track trail connecting Mayfield Pond Park to the North Country Trail. Additionally, we are thrilled to have recently